Talking About


About the Company

I started AmuzAnt Design because I wanted to make things that would make people smile. When I imagined my company, I had trouble choosing the name, but I knew from the beginning that I wanted to design things to make people smile. To me, that means those things are either amazing or funny/amusing. That’s also the meaning behind the name, I eventually chose.

What’s in a name

Part 1 (Amuz) comes from the word amuzing, which originates from amazingly amusing or a cross between amazing and amusing.

PART 2 (Ant) is an abbreviation for Antwerp, the city I love and, live in. Antwerp is vibrant, diverse, & hilarious at times.

BONUS: In Flemish dialect, “amuzant” or “amusant” means something funny or amusing, so something that will make you smile!

Behind the Company

If you’re wondering who is behind the company, wonder no more. My name is Tineke De Cat (yes, that is my real name), and I live in Antwerp, Belgium.

Since I don’t like too much attention on myself, I’ll just give you the highlights. I’m a mix of opposites, so prepare to feel confused.

I’m a:

🌿 Positive realist (I see the problems but immediately start looking for creative solutions)

🌿 Organized chaos (organized in my work, chaos in my brain)

🌿 Technology and craft (I love both discovering new technology and have a huge appreciation for hand-made things)

🌿 An odd combination of “really sweet” and “don’t mess with me” (just ask people who know me)

Getting in touch

In case you want to reach me and don’t want to use the contact form.

And a small but important reminder. Carrier pigeons are no longer allowed, since they leave too much behind.