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Choosing Quality

All the items are chosen based on quality and eco‑friendliness.

Function, Style & a Sense of Humor

Clothing is an essential part of our lives; it serves a purpose (hello, staying warm in winter) and allows us to express who we are in style. Whether you want to make a statement with a daring color; or if you prefer to keep it subtle, I’ve got just the piece for you. The collection is based on my motto: “Designed to make you smile”; so each and every piece is designed with this in mind. With a sense of humor and whimsy, life is just so much more fun.

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All the items are made on demand, so this means that once you put in an order, that’s when it will get made.

You’ll need a little more patience (usually, it takes a week), but it adds so many more possibilities. You can really choose colors and sizes and even customize items.

Illustration of the unisex fit of an AmuzAnt sweater

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Illustration of the female fit with the lower neckline of an AmuzAnt T-shirt.

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