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Card Writing Tip Nr. 1:

Write Like Yourself

By Tineke

My number 1 tip, since it’s so important! Write like yourself. Cards with a generic message also have a generic response and then why send it in the first place?

Why, oh why?

The reason to send a card is always to bring a smile to someone’s face, it might be a smile in sadness or one in joy. Even in the worst of circumstances, you can make someone smile by just the realization that you thought of them. All my cards are designed with this in mind, so if you don’t know which card would fit, feel free to get in touch!

But how do I start, you may ask.

First, think about why you’re writing and who you’re writing to. What do you want them to know? And then just jot some stuff down on a piece of paper. There’s nothing worse than to stare at a blank piece of paper, so just start writing even if it’s just “Hi!”

Write the way you talk.

The second part is equally important; write the way you talk. There is no need to go all fancy and perfect. Your message will come across way more heartfelt when the person who is reading it, can tell that you are the one who wrote it. Use your own words and way of speaking. Be yourself and if that means adding a little crazy, go for it.

Good news: it’s a card, not a letter

Yay, no need to worry about writing an entire essay; no way there is space for that on the back of a card (even if you write really tiny)! So feel free to be brief but sincere. As mentioned at the start, getting a card and knowing someone thought of you is already a great gift and a meaningful message on the back is the cherry on top. A great cherry is awesome but usually, it’s the ice cream that’s remembered. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Don’t be Generic

Often older greeting cards have a standard message like “Congratulations on your Graduation” just try and write this in your own words. Or add something you remember to it (rule of thumb: the sillier, the better). As an example: “Yay, you made it! I always knew you would! Now you’re ready to start earning money and buy me all the coffees instead of drinking mine.” Or something like that. Any coffee reference will always get my stamp of approval.

Still Stuck for Words?

And if you really don’t know what to say, look up a really fun quote or verse that reminds you of the person you’re writing to. In some cases, other people just say it better and it might give you some inspiration to add a little message of your own.


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