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Oh Darling, Let’s Travel – TOTE BAG XL

Darling, are you ready to travel and bring lots of things? This XL tote bag is your perfect fit if you are always up for new travels. With oodles of space, a very soft but strong structure, and an ethnic touch to the straps, this bag has it all. It’s also perfect for those beach days when you need to carry all the things. And if it gets to dirty, just throw it in the wash (preferably at 30°C).

So get ready to travel, and have an awesome XL bag with lots of space to go with it. By the way, there is a small zippered pocket on the inside, perfect for your wallet, keys, or maybe your passport for those impromptu trips.


A little Heads up: This is custom made when you order so it will take a little longer to reach you. Usually I receive them within a week, and then I can send it to you or it is available for pickup. Check out the Shipping & Returns policies to find out more.

Additional information




Ethnic Black, Ethnic Blue, Ethnic Red

Fabric Weight

285 g/m²

It is made of

Recycled cotton with recycled polyester

What's it made of

These bags are made out of 80% pre-consumer recycled cotton and 20% post-consumer recycled polyester. The contrasting coloured handles have ethnic graphics and are 60 cm long and 4,25 cm wide for extra comfort.

(The Black night version contains 67% pre-consumer recycled cotton, 30% post-consumer recycled polyester, and 3% other fibers.)

Uhm pre-post-what?

There are 2 different processes to obtain recycled materials.

You have pre-consumer recycling which means scraps and raw materials are recycled during the production of clothes. So nobody has worn or used it, and the scraps and/or left overs are being used to create new threads.

Then there is also post-consumer recycling. This means recycling materials or clothes that have already been used, giving them a second or third (or fourth, or fifth, or whatever number) life. The 20% recycled polyester in these tote bags is actually 3 recycled 50cl plastic bottles.

Totebag Madness

Some Detail shots – Because it’s all in the details


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