Declare the Good News – Screen Wipe

A convention gift everyone will love! What is the one thing pretty much everyone has? A screen, of course. (And usually, if they don’t use a screen, they have some glasses.) Sadly the screen suffers from smudges, fingerprints, and other dusty distractions. That’s why we made these Microfiber Sticky Screen Wipes, you can clean your screen and then stick it on the back of your phone for the next use.

And in even better news, you can wash them so no more excuses for a filthy screen. The stickers come on a small card declaring the Good News, and packed in a tiny plastic envelope. These gifts are small so they won’t take up too much space in your luggage, more then enough place left for your convention outfits!

Pro Tip: You can easily fit a business card in there. So you can still personalize your gifts!


The more you need, the cheaper they get.
Quantity Fixed price
10 - 49  0,85
50 - 99  0,75
100 - 499  0,65
500 +  0,55