Let’s Get Caffeinated – PIN + CARD SET

Wake up and smell the coffee with the “Let’s Get Caffeinated” Pin & Greeting Card Set! It has an adorable pin with beautiful heart-shaped latte art (Here’s to me wishing I could make latte art as well as I can draw it), and the text: “Coffee is never a bad idea”.

This pin comes pinned on a cute greeting card, so it’s perfect for giving. Complete with a recycled envelope, this set is a delightful gift for yourself or any coffee lover in your life.


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Only 1 left in stock

For all coffee aficionados and latte lovers! I've brewed up a pin that will have you buzzing with joy and reaching for that extra shot of espresso. This pin featuring a cappuccino with heart-shaped latte art is perfect for showing off your love for all things caffeinated!

It has a sturdy clutch, so it is ready to be your trusty companion on your coffee-fueled adventures while not pricking you in the process. Whether you're sipping a java jolt at your favorite café or braving the Monday morning grind, let this pin be a stylish reminder that life is better with a cup of coffee in hand because Coffee is never a bad idea! It's the perfect accessory for expressing your love for the golden elixir that keeps you going.

I've also whipped up an A6-sized greeting card that's brewing with charm. Picture this: two hands lovingly cradling a cup of coffee. And right there it says: "Let's Get Caffeinated. Coffee in 1, 2, ..." It's an invitation to embrace the glorious ritual of savoring that first sip, and the next, and the next... You get the idea!

To top it off, we've made sure to include a recycled envelope because, hey, coffee isn't the only thing we care about! We believe in spreading love for the environment while also sharing our love for java.

So whether you're treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift for your fellow caffeine connoisseur, my "Let's get Caffeinated" Pin & Greeting Card Set is here to perk up your day. Pin it on your favorite bag, wear it proudly on your lapel, or gift it to someone who can't start their day without a cup of joe. It's time to let your coffee obsession shine bright and wear your love for the magical bean on your sleeve (or wherever else you choose to pin it)!

Get ready to caffeinate in style and spread the coffee love. Because life is too short for bad coffee, and with our pin and greeting card set, you're guaranteed a brew-tiful day!

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