Poppin’ In – CARD

Sometimes you just want to say hello, and what better way then with a chihuahua bursting through the paper? Hello from the other side indeed. You can choose between petal rose and mellow yellow.


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The pink version has stolen my heart, because, hey, it's pink! But doesn't the yellow version bring so much sunshine?! Perfect for those who aren't a big fan of pink. (I do wonder about those people, are they okay?) Now to choose which one you want.

Additional information

Dimensions 10,5 × 14,8 cm
It is made of

BioTop paper



Mellow Yellow, Petal Rose

Perfect for

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What's it made of

The paper I have chosen is a heavy-weight sustainable paper with a matte finish. This paper is really soft to the touch and perfect to write on. Because of the finish, you could also add a message to the front, making it even more special for the receiver.

Every card also comes with its own recycled kraft envelope, ensuring your message is not out there for the world to see.

Did you know?

You get a discount if you order more then 10 cards, just pick any cards you like and the new price will show once you’ve hit that magical 10-card mark.