Sunshine Mixed with a Little Hurricane – HOODIE lounge

Time to relax in style. The fabric of this hoodie is so soft, and the long sleeves are designed to fall over your hands, so you have that extra comfort feeling. Combine this with the fierce “Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane” print, and you’re ready to lounge.

This design says: “happy and bright with just a little edge of chaos”. Don’t let the storm get in your way but see the sun shining through; it just needs a little twist. Wearing this original hoodie, you can handle the world.

Sadly no extra colors are available on this one.


A little Heads up: This is custom made when you order so it will take a little longer to reach you. Usually I receive them within a week, and then I can send it to you, or it is available for pickup. Check out the Shipping & Returns policies to find out more.

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Additional information


Aquamarine, Jade Green, Mellow Yellow, Navy Blue, Off White

Fabric Weight

270 g/m²

It is made of

Organic cotton with recycled polyester




What's it made of

These hoodies are made of 91% organic cotton and 9% polyester, creating a fleece French Terry fabric.

A few fancy fabric terms, so time for the translation:

Number 1: Organic cotton is grown ecologically from natural compost (instead of yukky chemical fertilizers and pesticides). It is grown without GMOs (genetically modified stuff) to prevent harm to the ecosystems around the production fields or damage to the biodiversity of animal species. Conclusion: way better for the environment.

Number 2: French Terry: This kind of fleece fabric is not brushed. So you get a loop appearance on the inside and a smooth outer surface; this type of fabric creates a light, fluid, and ultra-soft fit.

So conclusion:

It’s a super soft, loose fabric made in a way that is better for the environment.

Small remark: I’m hoping the small percentage of polyester will soon also be recycled polyester. If you want a very eco hoodie, I suggest you check out the three other fits. Since those are made of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Different Fit please

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